Deelname Hiernamaals aan Pause Concious pop-up Amsterdam

Hiernamaals Arnhem - Pause Concious Pop-up Amsterdam

Hiernamaals neemt deel aan de Pause Concious Pop-up Store in Amsterdam op van 19 t/m 28feb16.

Op zaterdag 27feb geeft Hiernamaals een korte workshop tijdens het Pop-up event in Amsterdam.
interesse om mee te doen? Neem dan contact met ons op.

Pause Concious Pop-up Store:
To celebrate conscious and ethical design, we have curated a special selection of brands and designers who make their creations within this philosophy and you can find them all together for 10 days. PAUSE is an invitation to take a moment and rethink the way we consume. To hurry up to slow down. You can use your voice, you can make the difference.

Pause Concious Pop-up Store openingstijden:
elke dag van 10:00 tot 19:00

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